Anthony Alfredo Goes West with Dockside Logistics

Anthony Alfredo

Anthony Alfredo will return the Dockside Logistics colors this Sunday at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Alfredo will be making his second NASCAR Cup Series start at the track, finishing 24th earlier this season.

Dockside Logistics is headquartered in Charleston, S.C. and Houston, Texas. The company is committed to providing measurable difference in 3PL, warehousing and distribution, packaging & preservation, transportation, and order fulfillment.

Dockside Logistics creates innovative solutions to meet the needs of the modern marketplace. In an environment that demands perfection in every level of the logistics equation, Dockside has consistently delivered exceptional, cost effective service, and forged lasting relationships with our customers.

Alfredo is hoping that his added experience and team notes will help the team on Sunday.

“I feel more confident when we get back to a track for a second time,” said Alfredo. ‘We have some notes, I know the track in the Cup car and we’re not playing from behind. We should be in position for a good race on Sunday.”

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Anthony Alfredo

Alfredo wants to finish the season strong and knows the next few weeks provide that opportunity.

“We look at Las Vegas, Talladega and the Charlotte ROVAL as great opportunities for us,” continued Alfredo. “We really feel that we can race in the top-20 and now it’s time to see those results. We had momentum going into Bristol, but it didn’t work out. The next three races, I feel that we have a good chance for some of our best finishes.”

Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race begins at 7:00 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

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