Brad Keselowski Wins At Darlington, Ends Three-Year Drought

Brad Keselowski Wins At Darlington, Ends Three-Year Drought
Brad Keselowski Wins At Darlington, Ends Three-Year Drought

Brad Keselowski ended a three-year drought with a dramatic victory at Darlington Raceway, seizing the win under high-pressure circumstances before sharing a special podium with his daughters Scarlett and Autumn.

This victory not only marked his 36th career win but also his second at the track known for its rigorous demands on drivers. The race unfolded with Keselowski moving to the front after a crucial moment where Chris Buescher and Tyler Reddick collided while battling for the lead with just nine laps remaining.

Keselowski’s triumph was underscored by personal significance, as it was his first win since transitioning from the Penske organization to become co-owner at Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing in 2022. Speaking on his win, Keselowski reflected on the multitude of factors that made the victory special, highlighting the presence of his young family at the race. “There’s a lot of things to be excited about, don’t know which one means the most,” Keselowski said with a smile, indicating the deep personal and professional satisfaction derived from the win. “

“It’s Darlington, so whether it’s your first win, your last win, this is a really special track. The history of NASCAR, it’s as tough as it gets, and that battle at the end with my teammate and Tyler Reddick, we just laid it all out on the line, it was freaking awesome.”

“I thought it couldn’t get much better than Kansas. It did today. That was awesome. I’m so glad you guys got to see that (addressed to the fans). That was incredible. Thanks for being here.”

The race was not without its drama, featuring a late comeback that saw Keselowski capitalize on the misfortune of others. Buescher, an employee of Keselowski’s RFK team, appeared poised for victory until the incident with Reddick reshuffled the deck. Post-race, Reddick took full responsibility for the clash, emphasizing the intensity of the competition. “That’s two weeks in a row we had a shot to win races. One, I’m going to relive in my head forever at what I would’ve done different [at Kansas]. The other, I need someone else to be more mature about it.”

We got wrecked,” Buescher said later. “That one’s clear as day. Don’t need any cameras to tell us. I don’t know what to say. We’ve raced really clean through the years, tried to be really respectful about it, and we get used up.

“It (Reddick’s move) is just something that you know is not going to work. I’m just really pissed off about it right now. We certainly had a chance to win another one. I’m proud to have that speed. Just huge congratulations to Brad and the 6 bunch on their win. That’s awesome, but I wanted it for our group right here,” Buescher stated, reflecting on his near misses and the fierce contest.

The implications of the race extended beyond the track, as Keselowski’s decision to leave Penske had been met with skepticism, especially after Penske’s continued success. However, Keselowski remained confident in his path, stressing his autonomy and the direction of his team. “I think you guys know, I’m going to do things my own way,” he declared, affirming his commitment to his new venture and his racing philosophy.

This victory at Darlington, therefore, was not just a return to the winner’s circle for Keselowski but also a validation of his bold career move. As the NASCAR season progresses, Keselowski’s performance at Darlington will likely be seen as a pivotal moment, one that redefines his trajectory and potentially sets the stage for further successes in his role as both a driver and a team co-owner.

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