NASCAR Betting Tips To Help You Beat The Professionals

NASCAR Betting Tips
NASCAR Betting Tips

NASCAR is a sport that dominates vast swathes of the US. Despite many believing that the sport is waning in popularity, an average of 3.7 million viewers tune in every week to enjoy an action-packed event.

Betting on NASCAR is also a popular pastime, with millions of dollars wagered on the outcomes of every race. But how do you increase your chances of victory? Here are some top tips to help you beat the professionals.

Bet on multiple drivers

While other sports only have two teams, there are 43 drivers who could potentially win every weekend. The luxury of having so many drivers means there are ample opportunities for success. The crowded fields also mean there could potentially be a favorite with odds of seven to one, which is something rarely found in other sports.

Higher payout odds make it profitable to bet on four or five drivers every race, with a focus on one or two favorites and some long shots. Even though only one bet can win, the winnings from a single wager can cover all the other lost bets and result in a profit.

It doesn’t work only with standard win bets – you can extend the same strategy to bets on pole position, fastest lap and other prop bets.

Championship implications

Later in the season, you can begin turning your attention to the favorites for the playoffs and the overall championship.

Concentrating on the championship implications can serve you well. If a driver is fighting hard to get into the playoffs, it makes sense that a teammate who’s already there will go the extra mile to support the driver in question.

Factoring the implications into account in the later races can leave you with a narrower field to bet on. After all, if there are only three races to go and a selection of drivers are already out of the running, it’s unlikely they’re going to be mixing it up at the front unless they have a teammate with a chance to fight for the title.

Knowledge like this is what enables the pros to win big with their cup series championship predictions in NASCAR.

Bet on the team dynamics

NASCAR is an individual sport but team dynamics continue to play a big role in the overall performances of teams. Some teams will have several drivers working for them, alongside an individual driver serving as a teammate, as part of a partnership.

Teams come into play away from the track, which also includes the strategies they might execute to get one or more drivers into the running. Ultimately, team owners don’t care who wins, as long as it’s someone from under their umbrella.

Teammates can provide track data, give information on the best racing lines for each track, and draft off each other to push both into the running for the win. Being familiar with these aspects can help bettors understand who has the advantage and who doesn’t.

For example, if there’s an exceptionally strong driver with a weaker teammate and two above-average drivers in a team, who has the overall advantage?

Track history

The tracks of NASCAR may appear to be the same, but any long-term fan knows that this is far from the case. Some drivers do better at particular tracks than others. Analyzing this history can inform your betting strategy if you’re a NASCAR beginner.

For example, some drivers may be excellent at restrictor plate racing. These drivers may dominate in this field, but do they have the same track record in short-track racing? The chances are the answer is no. Yes, some drivers will perform well anywhere, but track specialists are always going to have the advantage.

Thankfully, looking up track history is relatively simple. The data is available online from past races for anyone to view.

Listen to the (right) pros

Most sports outlets have a resident betting professional who will provide predictions on the upcoming race. Some of them are worth listening to, but many of them are not.

Focus on building up a database of pros with great track records of accurate predictions. Factor them into your own decisions and see how you match up.

After all, to beat the pros, you need to know them.


NASCAR betting requires the same fundamental betting skills as any other sport. As always, knowledge is power. Understanding the sport and the big players within said sport will result in a greater chance of success.

What are your top betting strategies for succeeding in NASCAR?

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