Seven Drivers That Raced in Both NASCAR and Formula One

Seven Drivers That Raced in Both NASCAR and Formula One
Seven Drivers That Raced in Both NASCAR and Formula One

Racing is one of the most thrilling and action-filled sports out there, and when it comes to the top tier of racing, Formula 1 and NASCAR take the cake. While each of these sports has its own unique style and demands, it’s not unusual for some of the world’s top racers to switch between the two.

For years, NASCAR was the undisputed number one when it comes to Motor Racing stateside. But in recent years, primarily thanks to the success of Netflix’s hit show Formula One: Drive To Survive, F1 has never been more popular in the United States. In fact, the sport’s rising popularity is evident if one takes a look at the calendar for the 2023 season.

Between 2007 and 2011, Formula One didn’t have a single Grand Prix taking place on the American side of the pond. In the upcoming campaign, however, there will be three Grand Prix taking place in the country. The Miami Grand Prix will take place on May 7th, and the United States Grand Prix from Austin’s Circuit of the Americas will take place on October 22nd, before the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix takes place a month later.

Last season, Max Verstappen romped to a second consecutive World Championship, winning a record-breaking 14 races along the way. As such, it’s no surprise that online betting site Bovada has made the Flying Dutchman the overwhelming favorite to make it a hat trick of titles next term.

Both Formula One and NASCAR are the creams of the crop in the world of Motor Sports. Here are seven racing drivers who have competed in both F1 and NASCAR over the years.

1. Juan Pablo Montoya

Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya has perhaps achieved the most success in both of the world’s most beloved motorsport disciplines. Throughout the 2000s, he was widely regarded as one of the finest racing drivers in Formula One, and had it not been for Michael Schumacher’s dominance in his scarlet Ferrari, Montoya may even have a World Championship to his name.

Montoya was one of the few drivers who weren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with the seven-time World Champion. He performed a number of memorable overtakes on the German GOAT at both Interlagos and the Red Bull Ring in Austria. He picked up his first victory in his debut season, leading his Williams to the chequered flag at the 2001 Italian Grand Prix.

He picked up five consecutive pole positions in the 2002 season however, couldn’t convert any of them into victories. Despite that, he would finish fourth in the championship that season. But further victories were just around the corner.

He was embroiled in a three-way fight for the 2003 World Championship against Schumacher and Kimi Räikkönen and picked up two victories throughout the course of the season. However, it was Schumacher who would take the crown that season. Another four victories would follow, with his final one coming at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2005.

Montoya also had a brief stint in NASCAR in the mid-2000s. He raced for Chip Ganassi Racing and won seven races in his three-year stint.

2. Kimi Räikkönen

Flying Finn Kimi Räikkönen is an icon in the world of Formula One. He lifted his first and only Formula One World Championship back in 2007, winning the final two races of the season to rip the title away from McLaren duo Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

He made his NASCAR debut in 2022, following his retirement from F1 and departure from the Alfa Romeo team. He finished 41st in the NASCAR Cup Series last term.

3. Jacques Villeneuve

The 1997 F1 world champion made his NASCAR debut in 2007 and competed over the next four seasons. He won three races during this time and finished second in the standings in 2008.

4. Jim Clark

The two-time F1 world champion raced in 27 NASCAR events between 1964 and 1968. He won two races and had 11 top-10 finishes during this time.

5. Mario Andretti

One of the greatest drivers in the history of both F1 and NASCAR, Andretti competed in 76 NASCAR races between 1967 and 1994. He won 10 races in total and was named NASCAR Rookie of the Year in 1967.

6. Dan Gurney

Gurney won four F1 races and competed in a total of 38 events between 1958 and 1968. He also raced in 34 NASCAR events between 1962 and 1972, winning four times.

7. Mark Blundell

The Englishman raced in the NASCAR Rolex Grand-Am Sports Car Series in 2011, competing in four of the 12 races that season. He competed in Formula One between 1991 and 1995 without much success. He then transitioned into presenting and was featured prominently on British channel ITV’s coverage of the sport between 2003 and 2008.

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