The Best NASCAR Podcasts of 2022

The Best NASCAR Podcasts of 2021
The Best NASCAR Podcasts of 2021

What is the best NASCAR podcast? We’re glad you asked! While it may seem overwhelming with hundreds of possible shows out there, choosing the best NASCAR podcast to give your time to isn’t all that difficult when your friends at NASCAR Chronicle have done the heavy lifting, er, listening for you and narrowed it down to a ‘best of’ list. 

Here we give you our ‘Top 10’ selection for the best NASCAR podcasts of 2022…

The Best NASCAR Podcasts of 2022

1. The Dale Jr. Download

Now while you may have expected to see an official NASCAR podcast in the top spot, the reality is The Dale Jr. Download is streets ahead in terms of entertainment and insight. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR’s 15-time Most Popular Driver and two-time Daytona 500 winner, hosts his own podcast, The Dale Jr Download, on Dirty Mo Media. The first-person perspective Earnhardt offers, coupled with candid commentary from co-host Mike Davis, makes for a captivating look into the life of a broadcaster and celebrated racer.

Listen to The Dale Jr. Download

2. NASCAR On NBC Podcast

NBC Sports NASCAR On NBC podcast tackles NASCAR news, featuring a weekly recap of races and events, as well as what’s next for the sport. Some of the guests on the show include NBC Sports talent like Jeff Burton, Steve Letarte, and Kyle Petty.

This is a relatively new podcast to iTunes, only being added in April 2021, but other platforms such as Stitcher have the full catalogue of 200+ episodes available. 

Listen to NASCAR On NBC Podcast 

3. The NASCAR Series Podcast

Like it says on the can, this is a podcast about NASCAR, but with a twist. This podcast is an almost-daily 15 minute rundown on everything that is happening in the world of NASCAR. 

It’s released around 7.30 pm each evening, so if you’re winding down for the day and want to keep up to date with everything as it happens, but don’t want to scour the internet for news, this is a great daily dose. 

Listen to The NASCAR Series Podcast 

4. Door Bumper Clear

Door Bumper Clear is another podcast from the Dirty Mo Media stable, and we’re loving their style. 

This podcast provides unmatched insight into the NASCAR world to its ever-expanding fan base, and is already in its seventh year. Brett Griffin, T.J. Majors & Freddie Kraft and industry insider Casey Boat co-host this podcast, which has a comedic, bold, & transparent voice. You can find Door Bumper Clear recapping the previous race, reacting to rumors, or engaging in debate for the knowledgeable race fan.

Listen to Door Bumper Clear

5. Behind The Wall 

Some of the other entries on this list (we assume) have big production budgets, but what we love about Behind The Wall is it is a group of friends who are passionate about NASCAR, and their passion comes through the speakers. 

Their podcast recaps NASCAR race weekends, breaks down the biggest news in the sport, previews upcoming events, and ends with their now-famous “hot takes.” The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major streaming services.

Listen to Behind The Wall

6. Noah Talks NASCAR

Noah C Cornelius is a singer-songwriter turned NASCAR fan. He hosts Noah Talks NASCAR, a motorsports talk show dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the racing world.

If you’re a fan of stories from behind the scenes and the people that make up the world of NASCAR (rather than just race reviews) then this is the podcast for you. 

Listen to Noah Talks NASCAR

7. The Racing Writer’s Podcast

Kelly Crandall of Racer Magazine brings stories and interviews from drivers and personalities in the NASCAR garage.

Similar to Noah, Kelly creates episodes that are more story-based as she has guests from inside the world of NASCAR on to talk about more than just racing.

Listen to The Racing Writer’s Podcast

8. A Lifetime In Nascar

This podcast is one for the history buffs, or for folks looking to increase their NASCAR history knowledge. 

Ben White and Aaron Burns explore NASCAR’s current events through the lens of history in their book A Lifetime in NASCAR. Discover an entirely new perspective on the NASCAR timeline with these historians.

Listen to A Lifetime In NASCAR

9. The Frontstretch Podcast

Do you want a weekly dose of NASCAR? Keeping you up-to-date on America’s most popular racing series is the goal of the Frontstretch podcast, featuring two different episodes every week. Stock Car Scoop: This five-minute, news bite pod hosted by Bryan Nolen gives you an update on the three biggest NASCAR/motorsports stories of the day. Listen in as Dustin Albino and Mike Neff discuss the latest NASCAR news, results, and gossip.

Listen to The Frontstretch Podcast

10. Grip Strip Podcast

Now, this isn’t a strictly NASCAR podcast, as the team cover all categories of motorsport. 

Philip Mathew and Josh Huffine created The Grip Strip Podcast in order to offer an unfiltered perspective on motorsports and sports in general. Josh and Phil invite other passionate media members and fans to offer their thoughts and insights on current and past stories too. 

We first came across Phil via the Formula 1 Grid Talk podcast and love his takes there, which turned into us becoming fans of all their content as a result. 

Listen to Grip Strip Podcast

The Best NASCAR Podcasts of 2022: Summary

There you have it, our list of the Best NASCAR Podcasts of 2022! 

By providing this list we wanted to give you a range of options, with podcasts outside the usual race review style, and we feel like there is something for everyone in all of these podcasts. 

What do you think? If there is a ‘must have’ podcast that we have missed, let us know in the comments below!

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