The Greatest Racing Drivers of NASCAR

The Greatest Racing Drivers of NASCAR
The Greatest Racing Drivers of NASCAR

NASCAR drivers are some of the best competitive racers in the world. With how influential NASCAR is in the sporting world, it is essential that its drivers excel expectations. A lot of the racers must be well-adapted to stock car vehicles and how to properly handle them. Quite a few have obtained accomplishments outside of NASCAR itself. After all, every great racer needs to start from somewhere. These drivers have won achievements throughout NASCAR’s long history. Some of them are now retired, but their legends still live on. Here are the top 10 racers of NASCAR tournaments we will discuss:

  • Tony Stewert
  • Kyle Busch
  • Bobby Allison
  • Darrell Waltrip
  • Cale Yarborough
  • David Pearson
  • Richard Petty 
  • Jeff Gordan
  • Dale Earnhardt Sr
  • Jimmy Johnson

Marking the Total Wins

Before we begin diving into the history of the greatest racers, let`s check out the total wins for now since the winning rate is what many NASCAR professionals look for. Below is a table that marks the total wins out of numerous starts for each of these drivers: 

Jimmie Johnson83686
Dale Earnhardt Sr.76676
Jeff Gordon93805
Richard Petty2001184
David Pearson105574
Cale Yarborough83560
Darrell Waltrip84804
Bobby Allison84718
Kyle Busch60642
Tony Stewert49618

NASCAR Promotions

With more info on drivers’ success, you can participate in many active promotions for drivers. One of which is online gambling, where NASCAR is an important segment of sports booking sites. Luckily, online casinos can give you extra bonuses with to get more money to bet on NASCAR. You can bet on the best drivers this season by looking at the wins compared to the starts. 


Tony Stewert and Kyle Busch

During his early career, Tony Stewert was able to make a name for himself with three hard-won victories. This was during the NASCAR Cup series. Each one was achieved in 2002, 2005, and 2011. His total racers went to 618 starts. 49 of those races were ones he actually won. This is already an impressive winning percentage. Besides other accomplishments, he also won the IndyCar Series championship in 1997. This was an open-wheel race, which means that Tony can drive various vehicles other than stock cars. Even now, he is recognised for his skill and influence in NASCAR. 

Kyle Busch is a driver that has earned numerous victories in his career. He is more commonly known as the driver with the most wins under his belt. Busch has earned 226 wins in not just NASCAR but other championships too. He has won in Xfinity, Truck Series, and the NASCAR Cup. It is said his nickname is the “Wild Thing” due to his chaotic driving style. He is also called “The Candy Man” because he sponsors the popular chocolate bar Mars. His dominance on the racing track has named him a prominent figure since 2015. Even now, he is still hoping to beat his record with every new race that comes along. 


Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip

Bobby Allison is a racer long before the modern era. His career began before NASCAR became what it is today. His success only just happened once NASCAR finally became more mainstream. While he has driven in up to 718, he has only succeeded in 55 wins in the championships. His major win came from the Cup series in 1983, during the Daytona 500. Being an old-time racer, Bobby started his own group of notable racers his age named “Alabama Gang”. This was a little club of racers who were made in Hueytown, Alabama. While retired, Bobby now promotes the CSX “Keep on Living” campaign. 

Darrell Waltrip is another old racer that has spent almost 30 years in the world of NASCAR. He won the Daytona 500 championships thrice in 1981, 1982, and 1985. He is a world-renowned competitor with many racers that have challenged him for his hall of fame. Darrel only sits behind Kyle Busch as the second most wins in a series. These victories also tie him with Bobby Allison for having the longest career. Such a long career has earned him many titles in multiple NASCAR projects. This includes: 

  • NASCAR Busch National Series
  • American Speed Association
  • IROC
  • Automobile Racing Club of America
  • NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Award (1989 and 1990)
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame 2012 

Cale Yarborough and Richard Petty

Yet another old racer that became an icon in the old days of NASCAR. Cale Yarborough was most successful in the 1972 season. He was able to win three championships for three years in a row. From 1976 to 1978, he remained undefeated in the season. Cale is only one out of two whole drivers to accomplish such a feat. With 83 wins out of 560 starts, he had a high win rate for many years. Cale had also entered politics during his time in the 1970s. He was an official member of the Florence County Council as both a Republican and, later, a Democrat. 

One of the longest-time drivers in NASCAR history, with many influential connections made in his career. Richard Perry is nicknamed “The King” for years of service in this industry. A lot of his success came in the 1970s when he won major championships across the years. Even though his racing days are behind him, he remains an active community member. He is a team owner of the GMS Racing series and is also the founder of Petty’s Garage. This acts as a car restoration and modification shop in North Carolina.


David Pearson

David is a NASCAR racer that classes himself as one of the most successful drivers in current times. His main accomplishment is that he currently holds the highest winning percentage over any other driver in history. The total percentage is 18.92%, with most racers barely reaching 10%. His nickname is the “Silver Fox” for having so many races in a long career. His racing even dates back to the 1960s, with three championship wins on his resume. Even in the modern era of NASCAR racing, David continued to make a name for himself before finally retiring in 2018. 


Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Sr. 

A truly accomplished driver with over 93 wins in 805 races. Jeff Gordon also finished his career, like Pearson, on a high note. Not before securing four championship wins in his career. As a former Hendrick Motorsports driver, he was able to secure 10 victories in the three seasons he competed. He now acts as Vice Chairman for the Hendrick Motorsports company. He is recorded to have the most wins in the modern era, elevating the world of NASCAR with his numerous successes. His most iconic stunt was driving in the famous DuPont rainbow car in the 1990s. This beautiful coating won him 13 victories. 

This driver had become a feared competitor in modern NASCAR driving. Dale Earnhardt Sr. was known as “The Intimidator” in the NASCAR world. The man had earned 76 wins in up to 676 starts, with seven Cup Series championships. Dale goes down as a legend due to his long-running career being tragically cut short. Dale suffered a tragic accident in 2001 in a last-lap crash. It happened on the final lap of the Daytona 500. Fortunately, his death served as a starting point to help improve the safety of all races in the industry. He was added to the Hall of Fame in 2010 because of his influence. 


Jimmie Johnson

The driver that triumphs over all racers in NASCAR history. Johnson has won up to seven championships. Five of these championships were won quickly, making him undefeated for five years. He first started his career in off-road racing with motorcycles. It was a complete shock to many that he would quickly become one of the best stock car drivers in the modern era. 2017 marked his final NASCAR win. He is currently making his part-time return in 2023, becoming a Legacy Motor co-owner. He now drives No. 84 but has withdrawn from racing due to personal tragedy. 


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