Traveling To See Your First NASCAR Race — What Should You Know?

Traveling To See Your First NASCAR Race
Traveling To See Your First NASCAR Race

Every year, a brand-new NASCAR Cup Series begins. Altogether, a total of 36 races take place during the season, with all of the races taking place in America (primarily, Southeastern United States). Whether you’re a native American or someone from another country, there’s nothing stopping you from attending any of these events.

On average, you’re looking at between $30 to $60 for NASCAR Cup Series tickets. This is very good pricing, especially when you consider that NASCAR events are jam-packed with action from beginning to end, from the Daytona 500 to the Coca-Cola 600.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some NASCAR tickets and will finally be traveling to see your first-ever race, there’s a lot you need to know — and this guide has got you covered. Here are all the important details.

Arrive at the Track Early

All of the most experienced NASCAR fans will give you the same piece of advice before going to see your first race: arrive at the track early. This way, you can get the full Sunday NASCAR race experience without having to worry about being late. After all, the last thing you want to happen is that you get stuck in traffic when you’re traveling a long distance to get there. Plus, arriving earlier gives you an opportunity to soak in the atmosphere and hang out with other NASCAR fans.

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Don’t Forget Earplugs

Because you’ve never been to a NASCAR race in person before, you might not be aware of how loud the cars actually get. Sure, they sound loud on TV, but in person, it’s an entirely different experience. If you have sensitive ears, you might find it a little overwhelming at first, which is why it’s recommended you take hearing protection devices, such as earplugs, with you.

Take Drinks and Snacks with You

Sadly, drinks and snacks are notoriously overpriced at NASCAR Cup Series events. Don’t worry, though, because you can easily take your own drinks and snacks with you. This is particularly important when the weather is super hot outside, as you don’t want to become dehydrated in the stands.

Leave Slightly Early

The average NASCAR race is 400 miles long and takes roughly 3 hours to complete. When you factor into account all of the other activities in and around the track during the day, you’re actually there for most of the day, so it’s quite a long experience. Therefore, this guide advises you to leave slightly early so that you can beat the traffic and avoid the floods of fans who will be leaving at the same time. Even just leaving 20 minutes early, you can save yourself a ton of hassle.

Enjoy your first ever NASCAR race, and remember to follow the advice in this guide.

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