What can you bet on during NASCAR?

What can you bet on during NASCAR
What can you bet on during NASCAR

Sports betting is one of the most popular US pastimes, but some sports categories are gaining popularity faster than others.

NASCAR might not be the first sport that comes to mind when you think of sportsbooks – but these exciting races are quickly becoming an option on many betting websites. From well-known sportsbooks to new rivals, all are offering the chance to bet on the races from the comfort of your home.

Are you curious about betting on NASCAR? Before you join this sports betting trend, make sure you know what you’re betting on. Like other sports, NASCAR fans can bet on different aspects of the races, and they can indulge in live betting too.

Get to know all the best NASCAR bets today to ensure you’re ready for the next event. Keep reading to find out more.

Different types of NASCAR bets

Betting on NASCAR isn’t as simple as you might imagine. These events offer various types of bets, and you want to ensure you’re making the right decision. Plus, you want to choose a sports betting platform that works for you!

Some of the top sports betting apps in Kansas state and other US states offer great first deposit offers and free bets. If you want to make the most of your sports betting experience, take time to explore the signup offers too. What’s better than a free bet?

Here are some of the most popular NASCAR bets.

Individual race matchups

A popular way to get in on the NASCAR action is via individual race matchups or head-to-head matchups.

Often, sportsbooks generate lists of relevant matchups, and bettors pick from provided lists. These lists allow the choice of which driver will finish ahead of another.

Most matchup lists pair drivers of the same experience and caliber. This also leads to the drivers having similar odds of winning. It’s also possible for sportsbooks to group drivers together for matchup wages.

As matchup wagers use the same format as head-to-head matchups, bettors can pick their favorite to win from the group. Group selections have more competition, so the odds are better than single pairing choices.


When it comes to racing, futures are one of the most popular bets. Futures allow bettors to wager on their favorite driver for the race. Unlike matchups, futures involve betting on one driver to win rather than drivers against each other.

The odds for drivers get better as the selection of competitors grows. For example – if there’s good competition on race day, you’ll only have to wager a small amount to receive a significant payout.

While most futures focus on selecting a winner, sportsbooks also allow bettors to choose the top three or even five. This is a fun way to bet on NASCAR, especially if you’re new to the sport.

Futures appear for most NASCAR races, and many start selecting their favorites for big races well before the race day. Check the sportsbooks online now for the latest offerings.

Prop bets

Want to have fun with your NASCAR betting? You might want to explore the world of prop bets.

Unlike serious futures or matchups, prop bets allow you to bet on anything in the race. These bets don’t focus on winners or final outcomes, so many use these options to have some light-hearted fun.

Examples of prop bets include:

  • How many caution flags will appear in the race?
  • Which driver will lead the most laps?
  • Which car manufacturer will win?
  • Guess how many racers finish

Sportsbooks offer a selection of props, and as you can see, they’re focused on niche NASCAR race elements.

If a prop bet includes numbers, the bookies give an over/under choice. This avoids any bettors guessing the correct number, which can become complicated. Odds will be released for over/under bets.

Live betting

If you’re settling in to watch the next race, live bets can elevate your experience.

While most NASCAR bets are wagered before the race starts, live betting is available during the race as well. Live betting could be your option if the idea of fast-paced bets and changing odds excites you.

When the races start, all pre-race betting is removed from the sportsbook, and punters can access the live betting odds. This allows you to increase the stakes or cut your losses as the action unfolds. The odds will also change and update as the drivers compete.

Note that live bets aren’t available on all races but are usually present for larger events.

Which NASCAR races are there?

Could a NASCAR bet be in the cards for you? The 2022 season started in February, and since its beginning, we’ve been treated to some class performances across the US.

The NASCAR 2022 season is well underway, but there’s still a chance to get in on the action. Make the most of the remaining dates by planning your schedule now.

Here are some of the upcoming NASCAR races in 2022:

  • FireKeepers Casino 400, Michigan International Speedway – August 7th, 2022
  • Federated Auto Parts 400, Richmond Raceway – August 14th, 2022
  • Cook Out Southern, Darlington Raceway – September 4th, 2022
  • Hollywood Casino 400, Kansas Speedway – September 11th, 2022
  • YellaWood 500, Talladega Superspeedway – October 2nd, 2022
  • Band of America ROVAL 400, Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course – October 9th, 2022
  • NASCAR Cup Series Championship, Phoenix Raceway – November 6th, 2022

Make a note of these dates to ensure you have a chance to join in on the NASCAR betting. Remember to select a sportsbook with a great signup offer for some free bets too! Planning is key to a satisfying experience.

Final thoughts

Ready to make your NASCAR betting debut? This sport has been impressing spectators since 1948. Over 50 years later, bettors still enjoy the races’ action and thrill. Who will you be wagering on this year? Are you picking a futures bet, or are you going all-in on the live bets?

Always double-check the odds before betting and ensure you’re signed up with a reputable sportsbook for the best results. Good luck!

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