Who has driven the 7 car in NASCAR?

Who has driven the 7 car in NASCAR
Who has driven the 7 car in NASCAR

When it comes to NASCAR racing, certain numbers hold a special place in fans’ hearts. And for fans of the number 7, there’s a rich history of drivers who have piloted that car on the track. From legends of the sport to up-and-coming stars, the 7 car has seen its fair share of talent behind the wheel. So, who are the drivers who have made the 7 car famous in NASCAR? Let’s take a look…


Drivers of the 7 Car in NASCAR

Car No. 7 in NASCAR has a big legacy. Many drivers have raced it and won, making it a popular car.

Here’s a table of the drivers and some stats.

Driver Name Wins Top 10 finishes Pole positions
Alan Kulwicki 5 71 6
Robby Gordon 1 11 1
Alex Bowman 0 5 0
Justin Allgaier 0 3

Though some drivers didn’t win or get pole positions in the 7 car, it has been a favourite for fans. It still is important today. 

Early Drivers of the 7 Car in NASCAR

Early Drivers of the 7 Car in NASCAR are renowned for cruising iconic vehicles in the early days of NASCAR. These trailblazers navigated wild tracks with limited safety measures.

Check out this table to meet some remarkable 7 car drivers:

Driver Years Active
Buck Baker 1953-1956
Ralph Moody 1957
Cotton Owens 1958-1961
Joe Weatherly 1962-1963

Buck Baker, two-time Cup Champion and forty-plus race winner, steered a 7 Buick to many victories. Joe Weatherly became a back-to-back Cup champ in ’62 and ’63, mainly in the 7 car. He passed away at Riverside International Raceway.

NASCAR’s history and drivers made it what it is today. Learn more about iconic drivers like these by doing more research. Even with a name like Buck, you can still be a winner in NASCAR.

Buck Baker

Buck Baker was a prominent NASCAR driver of car number 7. He won two championships back to back in 1956 and 1957, driving the Chevrolet for Carl Kiekhaefer’s team. He was known for his exceptional driving skills and determination on the track.

Baker was also a successful team owner in NASCAR. He stayed active in the sport even after his racing career ended, working as a NASCAR inspector until his passing. Fans and drivers alike still honor and celebrate Buck Baker’s contribution to NASCAR.

An unknown fact about him is that he began his racing career with motorcycles. He raced in all sorts of events, like dirt tracks and road courses, before specializing in NASCAR. His versatile driving skills meant he could succeed on any course or race conditions. Ralph Moody may have been the first driver of the 7 car, but Buck Baker was the one who made it famous.

Ralph Moody

Ralph Moody – the 7 Car NASCAR driver. His exceptional driving skills and racing experience made him a success story. His dedication and determination to improve meant he was one of the greatest ever. He was a great driver and a skilled mechanic too. His partnership with John Holman led to “Holman-Moody” – one of the most successful teams.

Ralph’s story has a unique twist. He started his career as a moonshine runner! Later, he used his smuggling techniques to win several high-speed chases with law enforcement.

Modern Drivers of the 7 Car in NASCAR

Those who have taken the wheel of the 7 in NASCAR deserve to be remembered. Here are some of them, their success and famous races.

Driver Accomplishments Notable Races
Alan Kulwicki 1992 Cup Champion The Hooters 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He won the championship by one point.
Robbie Reiser Crew Chief for Matt Kenseth’s Championship Winning Season (2003) N/A (as a driver), but his crew chief job brought Roush Racing its first Cup Championship.
Alex Bowman Daytona Pole Sitter (2018, ’19, ’21) Dover race win in Fall ’21 earned him a spot in Round of 12.

Alex Bowman is the present driver of the number 7 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1-1LE. He took over from Regan Smith in 2016 and drove it since.

Those wishing to drive this car should focus on keeping their laps steady, avoiding crashes, and getting ahead of the competition. Risky moves like diving into a turn or making aggressive passes may be exciting, but they can lead to disaster. A calm and patient approach will pay off in the long run.

Alan Kulwicki

Alan Kulwicki, the pioneering first driver of the 7 car in NASCAR, left a lasting impression on the sport. His five wins, six poles and one championship in 1992 are still remembered. He was an expert engineer, becoming an independent team owner. Tragically, he died in a plane crash in 1993.

Remarkably, Kulwicki achieved his victory and championship in his last season. Robby Gordon is renowned for his daring performances on the track, making regular driving look like a breeze.

Robby Gordon

Robby Gordon is a NASCAR veteran. Here’s a quick look at his career records: 3 wins, 39 Top 5 finishes, 111 Top 10 finishes, and 4 pole positions. Despite his success, he has had controversies with NASCAR, including fines and suspensions.

Will the up-and-coming drivers be able to compete with Robby’s skill and stamina? We’ll have to wait and see!

Alex Bowman

Alex Bowman is a highly-valued NASCAR driver. His skills and competitive spirit have impressed many since he joined the powerful Hendrick Motorsports team in 2016. He’s earned two Cup wins and numerous top-ten finishes.

Bowman pushes to be at the front of the pack with his aggressive racing style. And, he reads races well to make strategic decisions that put him in good positions. What sets him apart is his willingness to take risks – his bold moves and calculated gambles often give him an advantage.

As one of the leading drivers for Hendrick Motorsports, Bowman is proud to represent them. Having a supportive team with critical guidance and assistance is an important part of his success.

To further improve, he should refine his driving techniques to avoid mistakes. Also, building strong relationships with crew members helps ensure communication during each race, providing an edge over competitors. 

Corey LaJoie

Corey LaJoie is a standout driver of the number 7 car. He’s known for his skill behind the wheel and his patience and precision. He takes calculated risks and can adjust quickly to changing track conditions.

LaJoie is also a dedicated athlete who takes his fitness and wellness seriously. He works hard to build up his endurance and strength for the physical demands of racing.

Sources close to LaJoie say he owes much of his success to his rigorous training and disciplined approach. Fans can expect great things from him in the future. 

Other Modern Drivers of the 7 Car in NASCAR

Exploring drivers who have raced in the 7 car in NASCAR is a fascinating topic. Take a look at the table below for some info on 3 modern drivers. This includes their seasons, starts, top-five finishes, and total laps completed.

Driver Name Season Number of Starts Top-Five Finishes Total Laps Completed
Justin Allgaier 2014 – present 50 5 6709
Elliott Sadler 2005 – present 311 63 44333
Alex Bowman 2014 – present 126 11 28003

Sometimes drivers change their car numbers during their career. Yet, these three drivers achieved success with the number seven car. To improve performance, investing in tech that provides real-time data analysis during races is one suggestion. Also, collaborating with skilled engineers and mechanics can help with race performance. Being behind the wheel of the 7 car in NASCAR is like being part of history.

Achievements of Drivers of the 7 Car in NASCAR

The drivers of the 7 Car have had remarkable success in NASCAR over the years. They have held an impressive record of wins and championships, making them legendary in the sport. The number seven has become known for high performance and skill, and these drivers have lived up to this reputation.

Not only are they famous for winning races and championships, but they also serve as role models for young racers. These drivers’ passion and hard work have made them popular among sports fans in numerous countries.

Each driver of the 7 Car has left their own mark on the sport’s history. From iconic moments to memorable rivalries, every driver has shown skill, resilience, and dedication. Their determination shows that it is possible to reach goals despite challenges.

One example of this is Ricky Rudd’s rookie year in 1975. He drove the number 7 car without a major sponsor and a lower-tiered car. Despite these difficulties, he managed to get multiple top-ten finishes. This proved that with passion and grit, anything is possible.


The table below shows drivers who have obtained this title.

Driver Name Year Won
Kevin Harvick 2014
Kurt Busch 2004
Bobby Labonte 2000
Dale Jarrett 1999
Rusty Wallace 1989

It is tough to win multiple championships, but some drivers are still able to do it. Jeff Gordon is one such driver, having achieved four Cup Series Championships. This puts him in the same league as greats like Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Winning is impressive, but the real achievement is consistently finishing on the podium. 7 car drivers know this better than anyone else, as they have champagne flowing all the time!


The Legacy of the 7 Car in NASCAR

Contributions to NASCAR Racing

The 7 car has made invaluable contributions to NASCAR. It’s left an unforgettable mark on the sport. It’s renowned for its design, speed and successes that motivate drivers and fans to pursue excellence.

The 7 car’s legacy is more than just its achievements. It stands for innovation, passion and determination that inspires racers worldwide.

In 1998, Dale Earnhardt Jr. drove the number 8 car to honor his father’s number 3 car. He also painted it in a special scheme to pay tribute to both his father and the 7 car.

Influence on Motorsports

The legendary 7 car in NASCAR has left an immense impact on the motorsports world. Its iconic design and victorious history have spurred other teams to adopt elements of its style. From paint schemes to number placement, many drivers have paid homage to the original 7 car.

Moreover, its success on the track has been a source of inspiration for generations of racers. Its influence goes beyond NASCAR, too – its distinct design and storied history have left an indelible mark on other racing series around the globe.

The 7 car represents more than just aesthetics or performance. It stands for a commitment to excellence and an unwavering determination to succeed, setting a great example for other teams and drivers.

Teams should look to innovate and leverage new technologies while also staying true to NASCAR’s roots and paying tribute to icons like the 7 car. This way, motorsports can evolve while still keeping its deep roots in American culture.

Famous Moments of the 7 Car in NASCAR

The 7 Car is a memorable part of NASCAR. Here are some of its best moments that shook the racing world.

  • Year: 1983
    Race: Daytona 500
    Driver: Buddy Baker
    Achievement: First car to complete a lap over 200 mph in a race.
  • Year: 1995
    Race: Talladega Superspeedway- DieHard 500
    Driver: Loy Allen Jr.
    Achievement: Only car to win its sole race with a rookie driver.

Terry Labonte, a renowned driver, drove this car during his early career.

Modern technology and expert analysis can help teams today. By studying how the 7 Car dominated races, teams can gain promising strategies.

Though some call the 7 Car’s driver “just a number,” to those who have driven it, it’s a legacy worth fighting for.


Conclusion: Who are the Drivers of the 7 Car in NASCAR and Why They Matter

The 7 car in NASCAR is steeped in history. Alan Kulwicki won the ’92 Championship in it! Robby Gordon and Danica Patrick also drove the 7 car. It’s a beloved number for fans everywhere. Each of these drivers brought incredible moments to the sport. Knowing these facts adds depth to any NASCAR chat!

Before you go… 

Can NASCAR have 3 numbers? When it comes to NASCAR, the car numbers are an essential part of the sport. Fans and drivers alike identify with their favorite car numbers and the history and legacy that comes with them. But have you ever wondered why NASCAR doesn’t allow three-digit car numbers?


Watch: Suarez turns LaJoie, the 7 car fires back


Who has driven the 7 car in NASCAR? – Frequently Asked Questions

Who has driven the 7 car in NASCAR?

Several drivers have driven the 7 car in NASCAR over the years. Some notable ones include Alan Kulwicki, Robby Gordon, and Elliott Sadler.

How many wins does the 7 car have in NASCAR?

As of 2023, the 7 car has a total of 25 wins in NASCAR Cup Series competition.

Who currently drives the 7 car in NASCAR?

In 2021, the 7 car is being driven by Corey LaJoie for Spire Motorsports.

What team owns the 7 car in NASCAR?

The 7 car is owned by Spire Motorsports, which is a NASCAR Cup Series team based in Concord, North Carolina.

When was the 7 car first introduced to NASCAR?

The 7 car made its NASCAR Cup Series debut in 1950 with driver Jimmie Lewallen behind the wheel.

What is the significance of the number 7 in NASCAR?

The number 7 has been associated with several successful drivers in NASCAR history, including Alan Kulwicki, who won the Cup Series championship in 1992 while driving the 7 car. Other notable drivers who have used the number include Tim Flock, Buck Baker, and NASCAR Hall of Fame member Cale Yarborough.


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